You’re a Male Practitioner, what’s the difference?

The simple answer is . . . no difference at all.

I’ve always believed, since I did my training (back in the days of sepia), that my gender should make no difference to my ability to do my job. Regardless of whether you’re male or female you are still there to care for an educate the children who attend your setting and in principal that is exactly what I do particularly in these days of equality and diversity.

However back in the early days of my career it wasn’t always like this. I’ve experienced sexism and prejudice because of my gender.

Not long after graduating I applied for a job in a gorgeous private nursery, I mean this place was stunning. I went for the interview and it seemed to go ok (I was a bit nervous but I’d never really done a job interview until then). I never heard a thing back from them despite me giving them a call and being promised a call back.

The second interview, many years later, was for a small chain of private nurseries. The interview was seriously odd, not so much an interview more a quick look at my qualifications and a rapid tour around that setting. On this occasion I was offered the job but felt unable to take it as, to me, the interview felt too skewed towards my gender.

Thankfully that has been the only issues I’ve experienced and I suppose it could have been worse. Possibly it hasn’t because I’ve always believed that I’m equal to my female counterparts. We do the same job; end of story.

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