Dinosaur roar!

No, not the story (although it’s a good one!)

I was out recently at a heritage centre for a visit after and event,  it was rather interesting and I came away with at least one fact. Now while browsing through the gift shop I spotted this rather eye catching knitted dinosaur. It was love at first sight (but don’t tell my long suffering partner!)

Now as a practitioner I’m very rarely off duty and tend to spurn a variety of ideas from things I see while out and about. You can imagine that a trip round Tescos is never speedy with me!

On this particular occasion I thought that this dinosaur would be a brilliant home link object. There is a great emphasis on parental partnerships in Early Years and this is a fantastic and super simple way of doing it. I’ve already decided to get a dinosaur notebook and backpack so that he can be sent for a “sleepover” at my children’s homes and be involved in their lives for a week.

In order to make more of this and expand learning opportunities available to my children a quick scan through the “dino-diary” (great name huh?) should reveal some of the child’s interests so that we can add them to our planning and make learning more relevant to them.

It’s great when you can gain observations without having to do the hard work!

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