It’s only recently  I’ve started hearing this word in relation to Early Learning and Childcare. I subscribe to Alice Sharp’s “Adventures with Alice” on facebook (it’s quite useful for nuggets and photos for inspiration), Alice uses this word quite a lot and has even spawned a series of training courses through Experiential Play (Alice’s company).

I thought I’d dig a bit deeper about provocations and apparently it’s been around for quite a number of years but has had a resurgence of late. Put quite simply it’s a way of provoking a learning opportunity from the child; this way you get a true indication of what the child’s interests are and what you can do to aid their learning.

Now, at the start of this post you may have notices a picture of a cardboard box?

It turns out I’ve been using provocations for a long time.

I often place objects in a box to create an air of excitement and mystery. This builds anticipation in the children and provokes curiosity and questioning which in turn leads to learning opportunities.

So what would you fill your box with?

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