A healthy mind – looking out for our own wellbeing.

As practitioners we are constantly thinking about the well being of our children; clean noses, healthy food, toilets, exercise, rest, activities to nurture and stimulate. The list is endless and is something we do without a second thought.

What about ourselves?

That made you stop in your tracks didn’t it. It’s not a selfish thing to be thinking about our own wellbeing too. Let’s reason this out, if we are not taking care of ourselves then how can we give the children our best? It’s not possible really. This is a highly stressful job that we do with so many demands on our time which often feels like we are being distracted from our core role; to care for the children who come to our settings. A little bit of mental housekeeping does you the world of good, I often feel it’s better than a holiday at times (although I do enjoy my holidays too!) One great way I have of getting my work and personal thoughts in order is running. I’m a member of jogscotland and go out with my local group twice a week. Also I go to Parkrun most Saturday’s as well, also whilst doing the 5k I sort some work priorities for the next week. Both of these are free so you don’t have a financial commitment which can add a bit of stress when you feel obliged to attend because you are paying for it.

Running isn’t for everybody but for me I find it a great way of escaping the cares of the world and work and making time for me. If you fancy going it a try here are the websites for more information:

Jogscotland: www.jogscotland.org.uk

Parkrun: www.parkrun.org.uk


This article has not been endorsed or paid for by either Jogscotland or Parkrun.

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