The joy of cones!

No, I don’t mean the red and white things that are constantly popping up on our roads (I mean, seriously, traffic cone manufacturing must be the most profitable industry to be in!) The cones I refer to are the lovely natural pine cones. They seem to be in constant supply around my house, the joys of the country I suppose.

I have to say that I do collect them, in fact I currently have a large bin bag full of them ready to surprise my little darlings with once I decide exactly what I’m doing with them.

You see my dilemma don’t you? The possibilities with something so natural and free are endless. If you think about maths and numeracy then the simple use would be to put a bowl of them out and use them for counting. You could even make up laminated cards (or squares on the ground using twigs) and put a specific number beside them for the children to count up to. Add more challenge for older children such as using high teen numbers (or beyond).

How about getting creative? Lots of glue and glitter and you’ve got an instant Christmas decoration (did I just mention the “C” word in August?)

How about attaching labels with the children’s names on. You could use this as a form of self-registration when the children arrive. Perhaps take it a step further and put them on a tree. You can get reasonably priced artificial trees from various bargain style shops.

So, there’s 3 suggestions, what’s yours?



2 Comments on “The joy of cones!

  1. I used to make pine cone bird feeders when I worked as a Forest Ranger. Adult ties a piece of string with a loop on on end to the top of the cone. Soften some lard (either melt in a bowl in microwave, or in pan on stove) and mix in bird seed. Then little fingers can poke the bird cake mix into all the nooks and crannies on the cone. Hang on a tree outside and enjoy watching the birds feeding! 🙂

    • Thanks for the idea Sheila, yet another way to bring about the joy of cones 🙂

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