Are you excited?

I was yesterday when I heard that Alice Sharpe, an educationalist that I highly respect,  is planning to hold a conference near me next year. I mean I will squeaking with excitement I was that overjoyed.

That got me thinking,  do we have the same excitement in our voices and body language when we are presenting experiences for our children? 

I’m a firm believer that if we demonstrate a real enthusiasm and excitement for what we are doing we can hook the children into participation with great ease and thereby open their minds to greater learning. It’s the same idea when we make things an intriguing mystery by wrapping it up or putting it in a box (see an earlier blog about boxes for more on that) and seeing the excitement on our faces and in our voices brings out the sense of wonder and the children asks themselves the question “what’s got the grown up so excited” and their natural curiosity is engaged full blast. Harness it!

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