Autumn colour matching.

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that autumn is my favourite season. It’s something about the colours, the smell, the faint mist in the air in the morning. It brings out the romantic side of me I guess.

It’s also a great opportunity for developing some great maths skills, and a simple way of doing that is matching the colours of leaves. This experience is so simple to organise and best of all it’s FREE!

Yes that’s right I said free and I don’t care who knows it. Now before anyone thinks this idea is original well it isn’t, I’ve seen it done before but it’s worth passing on.

All you need is access to lots of leaves in an abundance of autumnal colours from the garden and some paint shade charts from a DIY store.

These are the sort I mean, free to anybody but do be mindful of others when taking some!

Just let the children match the colours of the leaves to the charts and sort them into shades. You can count them after to see which shade has the most.

Simple, effective and FREE!

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