Loose Parts Play

I’ve been an advocate for this for a couple of years now having not known anything about it to then attending a Mindstretchers course on Nature Kindergarten’s as a 40th Birthday present (some people know me so well when buying me presents!)

I’m quite excited by many development lately in this area of play. This first being the Loose Parts Play book that’s been produced by Inspiring Scotland which really brings to the fore the benefits of this area of play for children. The book is available for free download from this link:  CLICK HERE

The second is I’ll be attending a short evening workshop based on this book in a couple of week’s time. I’m hoping it will bring further ideas for me to develop and implement into my setting.

The only “challenge” for practitioners to implement a loose parts play ethos is gathering materials; but that couldn’t be simpler. Start by asking your parents if they have any suitable materials such as cable drums, crates, drain pipes, guttering etc lying around. You’d be surprised what you can gather.

Next try asking a few local trades people such as electricians, builders, joiners etc. They will probably be glad to offload some of their stuff.

Finally, B&Q have a scrap scheme which you can  join. Just visit them in store to ask for more details (I’m not sponsored by them in case you’re wondering!)

Then motivate the children to explore and create with the materials you’ve gathered!

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