Water water everywhere . . .

Long car journeys are great as it finally gave me time to read the current issue of Early Years Educator magazine where I found an interesting article about self-care for practitioners by Sarah Davies.

I’ve mentioned before about our need for caring for ourselves as well as the small people we look after. Sarah talks about ensuring we have breakfast as (and we all know this) it fuels us for the start of our day. I tend not to eat breakfast at home as I’m concentrating on not getting caught in traffic and being at work early. However as we offer breakfast to the children I eat something with them as it also provides opportunities for learning and discussion. Practitioners should use the time as a great starting point for their day. Plan or re-plan your experiences for the day with the information gleaned from the breakfast table chats with the children.

However a point that Sarah made was about drinking water during the day. I ensure my children always have access to water and prompt them to drink. What about me? Well, no. I’m rubbish at drinking water during the day so no wonder I have headaches quite regularly.

I bought myself a water bottle to drink from during the day but it never made it out of my locker. So, in the cause of self preservation it’s time to refocus and ensure I’m hydrated too.

Who’s with me on the hydration revolution?

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