Curiosity piqued – a book review.


As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve been reading The A to Z of The Curiosity Approach, curated and authored by Lyndsey Hellyn and Stephanie Bennett. My mind has literally been blown.

This is such an easy to read book packed to absolute brim with glorious photos of real setting embracing their approach to Early Learning and Childcare. My problem at first with this book was I decided to read it in bed prior to going to sleep – that was a massive mistake as I ended up with very little sleep due to my mind whirring with so many delightful and inspiring ideas. Take that as a warning, only ever read it during the day.

There is more to this approach than filling a room with objects and letting the children get on with it. This is a whole setting approach and this book carefully explains that it’s as much about inspiring and engaging the practitioners as it is about the children. If practitioners are engaged with the resources on offer then the children will be more likely to join in with them and then the learning begins.

Both the authors are clear to point out that this isn’t a truly new approach but a harvest of the very best points of so many other philosophies and educational approaches such as Montessori (a personal favourite of mine), Steiner, Reggio Emilia and Te Wh?riki. This blend of theories and practices aims to harness children’s natural curiosity, awe and wonder and this is the very core of the Curiosity approach.

I could go on and on but I feel that it needs to be discovered and given the praise it deserves. So I can heartily recommend you investing the £19.99 for this book, it will alter the way you think about the layout and presentation of the learning environments.

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