A brilliant rework!

I was in Waterstones today and spotted this tucked away in a shelf.

I grew up with this story (yes, I’m THAT old!) and the fabulous reworking of the story into the Scots language is brilliant.

My father’s family speak Scots so I can sort of bumble my way through it.

A must for Scottish Early Learning and Childcare settings I think!

Reading – again!


After taking part in the Kimberly Smith’s Hygge in the Early Years course on the lovely Little Miss Early Years most excellent online Early Years Collective (I’m a member of course) I’m now eager to get stuck into the book. I’ll let you know how it is soon.

And in case you wondered: “Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special.” (Google definition, accessed 28/01/18)

Team Development – a simple idea

I thought I’d share this simple idea with you to encourage professional reading and personal development amongst your Team. I’ve used this before and it’s worked and provoking discussion and ideas among practitioners


The picture above shows my “Monthly Envelopes” and, as the name says, I would hand these out to my Team at the start of the month. Inside the envelope I put in a copy of an interesting article relating to Early Learning and Childcare that I had found either in a magazine or online for staff to read and comment on. I would also include a motivational quote relating to Team building or from a well known theorist. And finally, to promote wellbeing and for a bit of fun too, I would put in a small pack of colouring pencils and an adult colouring sheet to encourage Mindfulness. Simple, fairly inexpensive and pretty useful don’t you think?

The Little Gingerbread Man


This coming week is National Storytelling week and I’m really rather excited. Ask any of my colleagues and they will tell you that storytelling is one of my specialities so you can imagine I’m super excited for this.

I’ve prepared a whole range of experiences and activities based around this brilliant traditional tale. Naturally I’ll be telling the story but I’ll also be adding a lolly stick puppet making activity in our craft corner and the playdough table will have some delicious smelling gingerbread playdough on it too.


I was rather busy making this on Saturday evening. I’ll simply place this on the table with a couple of baking trays, some rolling pins and gingerbread man cutters. If you want to make some yourself here’s the recipe: Gingerbread Playdough

I’ve also got a physical activity planned using flash cards. I hold up a picture of one of the characters and the children will move themselves in the manner of that character; i.e. the Gingerbread man runs so the children run. If you’d like to play this game in your setting then here’s a set of cards for you to download and print: Gingerbread Man Races

I’m looking forward to the day, have fun with yours too!

Snow much fun!!

Excuse the bad pun for a title, I just couldn’t resist.

So, it’s snowing again (anybody would think it was winter or something?) and I’m thinking it would be awesome to bring the snow inside.

How great is that for science?

Bring the snow in and put it on the tough tray, hopefully less of it on the floor. Add in measuring beakers, cylinders and hugs and perhaps a water wheel. Use a small white board and a clock to record the length of time it takes to melt inside.

A great opportunity to look at thermometers and talk about temperature.
You could even build a mini snowman too!