The Little Gingerbread Man


This coming week is National Storytelling week and I’m really rather excited. Ask any of my colleagues and they will tell you that storytelling is one of my specialities so you can imagine I’m super excited for this.

I’ve prepared a whole range of experiences and activities based around this brilliant traditional tale. Naturally I’ll be telling the story but I’ll also be adding a lolly stick puppet making activity in our craft corner and the playdough table will have some delicious smelling gingerbread playdough on it too.


I was rather busy making this on Saturday evening. I’ll simply place this on the table with a couple of baking trays, some rolling pins and gingerbread man cutters. If you want to make some yourself here’s the recipe: Gingerbread Playdough

I’ve also got a physical activity planned using flash cards. I hold up a picture of one of the characters and the children will move themselves in the manner of that character; i.e. the Gingerbread man runs so the children run. If you’d like to play this game in your setting then here’s a set of cards for you to download and print: Gingerbread Man Races

I’m looking forward to the day, have fun with yours too!

If you want your own copy of the book I used then please click our affiliate link below:

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