Environmental Print

I’ve been looking at the environmental print available in my room lately and wondering what else I could add.

So, while I was out for dinner tonight our bill arrived in this . . .

Later on it got me thinking (Early Years Practitioners are never off duty!) I wonder if any of the big chain restaurants would be willing to part with a couple of menus and some promotional materials?

A great source of environmental print that our children will recognise.

Please note: I haven’t yet asked Frankie and Benny’s for anything. This was just an idea I had at home after I had been out for dinner there so please don’t go running into your local branch telling them The Male Practitioner sent you!!

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So, what was I up to on Monday?

I do like a good mystery, however the delay to me telling you what I was up to last Monday was mostly due to a rather busy week and not about trying to create tension.

It’s a blog not an episode of CSI: early years!

Basically, as I had a late start to work on Monday I took myself off shopping and managed to pick up a few interesting bargains at Poundworld and Hobbycraft.


You’ll notice first of all the two hanging baskets (£2 each from Poundworld) and the washing line (that was £1). Basically I’m using a length of wood with three evenly spaced holes drilled through. The baskets are attached to the holes at each end and a length of the washing line is attached to the middle hole. It’s then hung from a tree to create a very inexpensive set of balance scales for maths in the garden.

Also in my little haul is a pack of chenille stems along with a lovely, flowery green bucket (from Poundworld). I filled the bucket with penne pasta and have encouraged the children to thread the pasta onto the stems. Voila! An easy and inexpensive fine motor station.

Lastly I bought some large craft sticks and velcro dots.


Now I can’t actually take the credit for this as I’ve seen it on the internet but have been desperate to re-create it. As you can see from the photo above I’ve put a hook dot on one end and an eye dot on the other, repeating the process with 30 more of them!

A simple, but effective construction activity.

So, that was my Monday mystery. No need to alert Scooby and the gang!

A little mystery for Monday morning.

No, it isnt a new Agatha Christie story starring everybody’s favourite spinster sleuth Miss Marple (I’d love it if it was though!). Ive been musing over some ideas to attract the curiosity of my preschoolers and have come up with some.

However, as I need to shop for a few bits I’ll share more on Mondays.

Stay tuned folks!