BOOK REVIEW: Hygge in the Early Years


Sorry this review has taken a while but this certainly wasn’t a book to rush.

Kimberly Smith is the author of this transformational and inspirational book which is well worth picking up and reading. From the outset this book wasn’t one to rush into and devour in one sitting. For a start that would have been an utter waste of your time as none of the key messages from this book would have settled into your mind. Secondly (and I’m certain this is deliberate) Kimberly has written this book in superbly bitesize chunks for you to read, re-read, and digest before you implement them into your practice.

As I lead a team one of the key sections for me was “Leading in the EYFS” which spoke clearly about preserving the emotional wellbeing of the staff. As I’ve spoken about before on this blog looking after ourselves and our colleagues is equally as important as the children. Kimberly’s message is crystal: care for yourself too!

There is an abundance of suggestions and ideas, quite frankly this book is dripping with inspirational things to add to your practice or setting that it’s difficult to pinpoint just one thing but if I have to then I would draw your attention to “Hygge through the seasons” which is an almighty array of ideas for activities you can do to promote this wonderful, comfortable and sensational way of life in your setting.

Kimberly, I salute you and Hygge!

You can purchase Kimberly’s book “Hygge in the Early Years” by clicking our affiliate link here:

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