BOOK REVIEW: Can I go and play now?

The subtitle of this book is “rethinking the Early Years” and it couldn’t be more appropriate!

Greg Bottrill’s revolution to put play at the heart of Early Years is voiced with such eloquence and good humour in his book. You are compelled to read on and savour each word and think of the truth behind each sentence.

Right away I could tell that Greg makes clear sense in what he’s saying in that what our youngest children need is the “best version of you” and your understanding that they are children and will create noise, mess, chaos and fun! Greg is an advocate for next steps planning as this closely follows what the children want to learn about and discover. We are there to facilitate learning not to dictate learning and his book makes this abundantly clear.

Of course this requires change, both in our professional practice as well as in government written curriculum but Greg will guide you through how to work alongside the latter.

If you are looking for a way to change your current thinking and practice then you can do no wrong picking up and reading this book. Of course the government change is also in our hands so let’s stand together and voice the change we want to see.

Vive la revolution!!

Greg’s original book “Can I go and Play now?” is available by clicking our affiliates link:

His latest book, “school and the magic of children” is available from ur affiliate link:

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