A little bit of shopping

So earlier I had some bursts of inspiration for my room at Nursery and thankfully we went out shopping. I should mention I’m visiting the in-laws for Easter so it’s supposed to be a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of work.

Let’s face it, do we ever totally switch off?

Anyway, first stop was Go Outdoors as I wanted some compasses. One of my children has been exploring outside using a “compass” so I thought it was about time we let him try a real one.


It’s part of an overall scheme I have to look at maps, globes etc so I’m using his interest in compasses to ignite this. You may also have noticed the camping kettle – I couldn’t resist this for the mud kitchen!

Second visit of the day was to Poundland for a group of unusual items:


So you may have noticed from the photo above that I have velcro hair rollers, hair donuts and two types of pan scourer pads. This is so I can develop the children’s use of loose parts play in the construction. I was inspired earlier today by a photo of Alice Sharp and a child using similar materials in their construction play and I felt this would be a great addition. I suppose you could use all sorts if items so long as they stick to the velcro roller!

OK, I’ll try and return to my holiday now.

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