In a busy world you’re important too

I had a great headline for this article but seemed to have lost it over the weekend. However the message is still the same, we are important too.

I’ve emphasised this before but in the last couple of weeks I failed (and I don’t use the word lightly) to heed my own advice. Basically by the end of last wee I was a frazzled mess who felt like giving up.


That’s what I had to do to get out of that negative spiral. I spent a lovely weekend away with my husband revisiting places I’d grown up in, the glorious summer holidays as a child spent at my Granny’s. It was a time to reconnect to myself and to my life which seemed to have forgotten about in the hullabaloo of deadlines, meetings and all the usual daily stuff.

Previously I’d talked about drinking more during the day, I hadn’t been doing it enough and often came home dehydrated and with a headache. It hasn’t helped that I had dental surgery lately to remove 2 wisdom teeth and felt sore and flat after it.

This week though is about positive thinking and really paying attention to myself in order that I can pay attention to the children in my care.

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