Thoughts on my travels – part one

I’m in Stornoway this weekend to take part in the Stornoway Half Marathon and 10k (guess which I’m doing!)

As I was whiling away the journey on board the MV Loch Seaforth I wandered into the gift shop and saw these bags available:

What caught my attention wasn’t the money making cartoon characters displayed on the front but rather the proudly displayed words “mess free”!

I can’t imagine that a child would choose this based on the fact it’s not messy, this is purely as a final hook for parents to the pester power of their children.

But should we really be encouraging children to be “mess free”? Surely the route to creativity in children should be in making glorious mess as this is their way of exploring and working out what things can do. Why do some adults restrict this area of learning just because they don’t like mess. As Greg Bottrill explained in his book “can go and play now?” as adults we can simply work around the children and tidy up as we go along.

Mostly we should just relax ignore the apparent “mess” and revel in the wonderous learning opportunities for children.

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