Thoughts on my travels – part two

It’s been a while since the journey to Stornoway and I’ve only just realised I haven’t done the second of the two posts I had in mind. Here goes then.

So while on the ferry I was struck by this rack of postcards, not literally, that would be a whole different otherwise (and one who stood friend of mine who is a captain on one of these vessels might not like to read!)

What a magnificent mark making and early writing opportunity this is? Collecting lots of postcards and setting them out for the children is such a great way of encouraging mark making, particularly with boys. Gentle questsuch as who is this going to? Where is this postcard from? Are perfect opportunities to extend it, and further extension is available by setting out travel brochures, possibly even a globe? Your sand tray or tough tray could have sand, buckets and spades in to create a holiday atmosphere.

Sometimes adults need a provocation from simple things in their environment in order to provide a massive learning opportunity for the children in our care.

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