Number Fun February – Practitioner resource books.

In this post in looking at a few of the books around that I’ve found benefited my own CPD and practice which, therefore, has a positive impact on the children.

First up:

I’ve been lucky enough to have gone to a day training with Juliet based around this book (I literally had to stop myself being a fanboy and asking her to autograph my copy!)

This book is such an amazing “dip-in” resource and certainly fills you with confidence to take maths outdoors. 

(Just click the picture to purchase your copy via our Amazon affiliates link)

Next we have:

I feel it’s important to have displays that inspire and motivate the children for maths. Although this book is pretty old (I know the feeling!) It can still be found at various online second had book retailers or auction sites.


This is a recent addition but gives some great ideas and support. This is available online from the Preschool Learning Alliance (soon to be Early Years Alliance.)

In addition:

Also from the Preschool Learning Alliance is this one which also includes ideas for maths at home so it promotes some strong learning links.

What are your must have resources? Feel free to share them on here or our social media pages.

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