STEM in the early years

I was at a training today, I know it’s Saturday but it was well worth it!

I had the pleasure of listening to the effervescent and enthusiastic Niki Buchan speaking about how we can include and observe our children using STEM.

I have to be honest and say that my view of what STEM in the early years means and includes has been blown clean out of the water.

I think I’ve been making life difficult for myself for so long and yet when I think about loose part play which I love I’ve never really connected the two.

Niki also made me think about how we sometimes push children for a result when they’re not really come to a conclusion, or how we sometimes take over the thinking for the children and use Google to find the answer for them.

Can we use the question “what do you think it might be?”

I’m so excited to take this back to my new setting, I’ve even bought one of Niki’s books!!

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