Storytelling with IMPACT! The training is now LIVE!

Yes, it’s taken me a while to get this off the ground but finally my first ever face to face training is available for practitioners in York and the surrounding area.

TMP Storytelling Course

It’s an exciting time for Early Years in England with the refreshed Education Inspection Framework from Ofsted placing a big emphasis on the reading of stories and books to children to build important literacy and language skills.

How confident do you really feel in reading a story to the children? Is it just process and no passion?

Storytelling with IMPACT! will bring that passion for stories to the forefront of your practice. As I’m based in York my first training will be held in this beautiful city so if you’re a practitioner here, or know somebody that is then book yourself a place now and be ready for training on Saturday 14th September!


Visit the website for more information and to book.

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