Guest Blog: Optimum self-care and wellbeing in the Early Years

Is it time for Savasana yet?

How often do we focus on our teams ‘wellbeing’ during the week. Have we all now got the ‘wellbeing’ shelf . The thought of wellbeing has become placement in the lives of practitioners. A small selection of goodies or toiletries to temporarily lift the mood of others. But is this really helping wellbeing in the long-term. If we help our teams to focus more on their wellbeing and self-care then wellbeing areas become an enhancement to their lives not just a feature of the workplace.

There should never be a time ‘for’ savasana. It should be part of unconscious routine. The idea of savasana is to relax one body element at a time. Savasana is a type of yoga and relaxation that does not require ‘out’ time to be able to complete it. So instructors believe that savasana is the pose of stillness. The pose of the corpse. Where you lie as still as possible and maintain the pose of utter stillness as if you were dead. The art of Asana, yoga is a relaxation technique from northern India. If you begin to feel tense or stressed for any reason, focus on the area that has begun to feel tense. If you are struggling to take deep breath then focus on the action of breathing. Put the stress to one side and breathe in and out slowly. To begin with this art is very hard as focus is what people lack in times of stress. The more we maintain focus, breathe and move forward the more savasana will become part of your everyday life.

If we can begin to instil ideas such as these into our team’s lives then we can begin to eliminate the sources of stress in the workplace.
Self-care is the art of looking after yourself. Savasana is part of self-care. It’s the ability to be able to self-regulate feelings and be more balanced and relaxed. The more often we can promote self-care to our children in settings the more we encourage the future adults of our world to be able to understand not only their feelings and struggles. If young children are supported in learning about their bodies and minds in the correct way, they will strive to do more educationally as they will be more at ease with their own feelings and feel more confident to carry on and try new things.

This post was written by Lyndsey Slessor, a Nursery Manager at a 55 place private day nursery setting.

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