Real Life Practice – The Podcast

So, after a lovely chat with the brilliant James Tunnell from Nursery Nook today about my first Podcast with Greg Bottrill it got my brain ticking over with ideas. So, welcome to the podcast family “Real Life Practice” (ta-dah!)

However that’s where you, the lovely followers of my blog and social media pages come in. If anybody who currently works in a nursery or playgroup or is a childminder would be willing to chat with me and share their own ideas and practice for different subjects such as:

Maths and Numbers
Enabling Environments
Sustained Shared Thinking
Physical Play
Outdoor Play and Learning.

It would be great to keep them bite-sized as they are more accessible and “listenable” if that’s even a word! I record them using zoom but only use the audio of it but it’s nicer to talk to somebody when we can see each other and, luckily, a zoom recording also gives you the audio soundtrack separately which is what I use to produce the podcast, so we can happily record it in our pyjamas! (That is optional of course)

If anybody is interested then they can email me to go through it and arrange a convenient time to zoom call them to record. My email address is

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