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Merry Christmas!

Here’s hoping you all have a safe, happy and enjoyable Christmas and that 2021 brings all you want and more. Lot’s more TMP adventures to come next year!

Dissertation Realness

Rather than sashay away, I’ll be more Shantay, you stay (Drag Race reference for you there folks!) Now I’m about to start the final year of a degree I’ve got the mammoth (read gargantuan) task of choosing and …

This is me!

It’s not often I talk about myself on here, I tend to leave my home life at home and talk about practice or sharing practice with other amazing individuals here on this website. However, with this strange new …

Sustained Shared Conversation video

This isn’t a video I’ve created but one I’ve seen a few times and have found it a joyful inspiration to watch. This shows how, by being an unobtrusive practitioner, you can use carefully thought out questions and …

Lockdown Live! – Provocations

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Facebook Live! 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Facebook Live today!!

I’ll be talking early years things this morning over on my Facebook page. Join in the chat at

Guest Blog: Optimum self-care and wellbeing in the Early Years

Is it time for Savasana yet? How often do we focus on our teams ‘wellbeing’ during the week. Have we all now got the ‘wellbeing’ shelf . The thought of wellbeing has become placement in the lives of …

Characteristics of Effective Learning

On Saturday I attended a training session on Understanding the Characteristics of Effective Learning (COEL) hosted by the York branch of Early Education. The trainer was none other that Early Years legend Helen Moylett (the same co-author of …

Meanwhile, in Next!

Now, how exciting was this discovery whilst browsing round Next? A solid wood dice, ok it’s meant to be a doorstop by that just means it should last! I saw this on a shelf and instantly thought if …