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Exciting Journey Ahead – Our Hygge Adventure

I was very lucky recently, I mean VERY lucky, and it doesn’t happen often. I entered a competition on the Facebook Page for Hygge in the Early Years, run by the amazing Kimberly Smith, and to my utter …

Number Fun February – Sorting and Matching

The items from Nursery Nook can be found at www.nurserynook.co.uk

Product Review – Nursery Nook Mini Maths Kit.

It has to be said first of all that maths is probably one of the weakest areas of my practice, mainly because I’ve never been brilliant at it myself, so when I see something exciting for Early Years …

Autumnal tuff tray inspiration.

While on holiday I was in York city centre and saw these in the market. How deliciously Autumnal would these look in a tuff tray?

Autumn Provocation – Hedgehogs!

I genuinely have a love for Hedgehogs, they are lovely creatures and a gardeners friend as they love to eat slugs. They also make me think of Autumn as they usually like to snuggle up in the copious …

Have you met Arthur?

Here’s my little Autumnal friend Arthur the hedgehog. Stayed tuned to the website for details of what I’m doing with him on my travels that may spark PLODS in my children’s learning.