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Fine Motor Threading

I was having a wander round Home Sense today and saw this pasta on the shelf. I think this would be amazing for threading, working on fine motor control and hand/eye co-ordination. A bargain at £2.49 as well!

Exciting Journey Ahead – Our Hygge Adventure

I was very lucky recently, I mean VERY lucky, and it doesn’t happen often. I entered a competition on the Facebook Page for Hygge in the Early Years, run by the amazing Kimberly Smith, and to my utter …

#BrewEDEYLeeds – are you going?

I’m rather excited about this latest Twitter storm, the concept of #BrewED has been around for a while. It’s about those in the education sector connecting over a cuppa and really getting to grips with the issues facing …

Product Review: Muddy Faces Log Building Set

In this video I take a look at the muddy faces Log Building Set which is available on their website for £31.19 including VAT CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE WEBSITE

Product Review – Yellow Door Traditional Tales: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Products can be found at the following links: Goldilocks and the Three Bears figures are HERE Storytalk Cards are HERE Stand-It Stones are HERE

Product Review: Yellow Door Traditional Tales Figures – The Little Gingerbread Man

Please enjoy the video I’ve created to review the amazing Yellow Door Traditional Tales Figures of The Little Gingerbread Man. The figures can be found by clicking HERE The Story Talk Cards can be found by clicking HERE The …

What I think Cultural Capital is.

This is my view on what Cultural Capital means for early years settings. As I said, this is my view. You may have your own interpretation. Whatever your view on Cultural Capital, just remember to feed those curious …

VIDEO: Communication Stations

A treat for the senses.

So now I’m based in York we decided to have a wander around the City centre. While we were walking through Deans Park, which is beside the Minster, I saw these beautiful raised beds. I firmly believe that …

Sorting and matching

One of my very lovely colleagues brought in a set of graded storage containers she bought from Morrisons and added them to the home corner as a maths activity. The children have to sort them into the correct …