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What I think Cultural Capital is.

This is my view on what Cultural Capital means for early years settings. As I said, this is my view. You may have your own interpretation. Whatever your view on Cultural Capital, just remember to feed those curious …

Transient Art

We’ve been busy this week in my setting. On Monday the children came in to find lots of beans, lentils and other dried pulses on the tuff tray. Using a picture of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, as well as …

A treat for the senses.

So now I’m based in York we decided to have a wander around the City centre. While we were walking through Deans Park, which is beside the Minster, I saw these beautiful raised beds. I firmly believe that …

The Big Mystery: Hint 1

All will be revealed this weekend but until then here’s a hint: Think you know? Post below!


So this week it was a lovely, if chilly, walk in my village. Lots of daffodils on display. #selfcaresunday #practitioners #relax #calming

Exciting Event!