Product Review – Outdoor Activity Cards from Cosy Direct

In this video. Glenn (AKA The Male Practitioner) has the opportunity to review two sets of outdoor learning cards from Cosy Direct. The Waterproof Mud Pie Recipe cards and Creative Star’s Messy Maths 50 Things To Do Before You Are 6 And 3/4.

You can find the Mud Pie Recipe Cards by clicking HERE

The Messy Maths Cards can be found by clicking HERE

You can also explore the whole of the Cosy Direct range by visiting their website at

Cosy are also on social media here:




Meanwhile, in Next!

Now, how exciting was this discovery whilst browsing round Next?

A solid wood dice, ok it’s meant to be a doorstop by that just means it should last!

I saw this on a shelf and instantly thought if maths games, counting activities and talking about numbers.

Wish I’d bought it now!


Sorting and matching

One of my very lovely colleagues brought in a set of graded storage containers she bought from Morrisons and added them to the home corner as a maths activity. The children have to sort them into the correct size with the correct lid in order to put the final bug kid on. It’s kind of a domestic Russian Doll.

I happened to comment how awesome that was, next thing I know I come in to find a set of them in my locker. She knows me only too well!

No idea of the cost as they were a present but worth having a look in your nearest Morrisons!

Product Feature: Resource of the Week

I’m delighted to be able to partner up with Daniel Larson, AKA Mr Early Years, to feature something from his wide range of downloadable and printable teaching resources.


This week: An Intervention Pack designed for TAs or other classroom assistants to grab. It includes activities for finger gym, numeracy, and writing. Allow the TAs to deliver targeted support without the stress of them having to plan it. It is also great for NQTs or new to Early Years teachers!
These activities are designed for children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 but mainly focuses on Reception.

Download from here:

Number Fun February – Practitioner resource books.

In this post in looking at a few of the books around that I’ve found benefited my own CPD and practice which, therefore, has a positive impact on the children.

First up:

I’ve been lucky enough to have gone to a day training with Juliet based around this book (I literally had to stop myself being a fanboy and asking her to autograph my copy!)

This book is such an amazing “dip-in” resource and certainly fills you with confidence to take maths outdoors. 

(Just click the picture to purchase your copy via our Amazon affiliates link)

Next we have:

I feel it’s important to have displays that inspire and motivate the children for maths. Although this book is pretty old (I know the feeling!) It can still be found at various online second had book retailers or auction sites.


This is a recent addition but gives some great ideas and support. This is available online from the Preschool Learning Alliance (soon to be Early Years Alliance.)

In addition:

Also from the Preschool Learning Alliance is this one which also includes ideas for maths at home so it promotes some strong learning links.

What are your must have resources? Feel free to share them on here or our social media pages.