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#BrewEDEYLeeds – are you going?

I’m rather excited about this latest Twitter storm, the concept of #BrewED has been around for a while. It’s about those in the education sector connecting over a cuppa and really getting to grips with the issues facing …

This week on Early Years TV . . .

. . .¬† it’s ME! If you remember a short while ago I had the pleasure of talking to the legend that is Kathy Brodie about my specialist subject – storytelling. Well, you can watch it too by …

The Big Mystery: The Big Reveal


The Big Mystery: Hint 5

I think this hint is brilliant, and a little bit catchy too! Remember, if yo think you know then post below!

The Big Mystery: Hint 4

Any ideas now? Big reveal tomorrow!

The Big Mystery: Hint 3

This is probably the biggest hint of all, especially if you know what this beautiful place is called. Many years ago I climbed to the top and the views were spectacular. The Big Mystery will be revealed tomorrow!

The Big Mystery: Hint 2

Another hint to what’s in store for me, it involves this lovely stuff too! The mystery deepens!!!

The Big Mystery: Hint 1

All will be revealed this weekend but until then here’s a hint: Think you know? Post below!

It’s here!

I’m rather excited by the fact this arrived today . . . The new catalogue from Muddy Faces. I think I know what my bedtime reading will be!

A new Facebook group from TMP

I’ve been a bit busy lately creating a new group on Facebook to pinpoint a variety of useful and thought provoking articles and resources for Early Learning and Childcare. If you have a facebook profile then why not …