Product Review – Nursery Nook Nook Club Subscription

Glenn (AKA The Male Practitioner) reviews the monthly subscription box from Nursery Nook’s Nook Club. This amazing monthly subscription gives you the opportunity to explore the world of open ended play as James delivers a carefully curated box of resources to your doorstep each month. Watch the video as I open up my latest delivery of delights.

If you want to know more about The Nook Club, including up to dates costs, then visit the Nursery Nook website by clicking HERE

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Product Review – Outdoor Activity Cards from Cosy Direct

In this video. Glenn (AKA The Male Practitioner) has the opportunity to review two sets of outdoor learning cards from Cosy Direct. The Waterproof Mud Pie Recipe cards and Creative Star’s Messy Maths 50 Things To Do Before You Are 6 And 3/4.

You can find the Mud Pie Recipe Cards by clicking HERE

The Messy Maths Cards can be found by clicking HERE

You can also explore the whole of the Cosy Direct range by visiting their website at

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Product Review – Just Jigsaws Fruit Peg Board

In this video Glenn (AKA The Male Practitioner) reviews this classic product from the legendary British puzzle manufacturer Just Jigsaws who have been making durable and classic products for Early Years since 1973.

If you want to know how this puzzle was made then they have a great video on their facebook page, just click HERE

You can view their whole range on their website at

Ordering is easy, just use your normal supplier or order direct by visiting

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Product Review – Small World Superheroes supplied by Early Years Direct.

In this Product Review Glenn (AKA The Male Practitioner) had the opportunity to review the Just Jigsaws Small World Superheroes set which was supplied the Early Years resources company Early Years Direct.

Early Years Direct are small but mighty with fast delivery and super friendly customer service. You can visit them online at and explore the wide range of equipment, resources and supplies for babies and beyond! Not forgetting they do free delivery on orders over £75!

The current retail price (inc. VAT) for this set is £45.60, they can be found by clicking on this link HERE

Product Review – My Mood Stars

In this video Glenn (AKA The Male Practitioner) reviews a new resource from Wendy Woo called “My Mood Stars” to help children discuss and label emotions.

You can visit the website here:

A bag of 8 plush mood stars is priced at £25.99

If you would like the board it’s £39.99

The workbook is £5.99

Fine Motor Threading

I was having a wander round Home Sense today and saw this pasta on the shelf. I think this would be amazing for threading, working on fine motor control and hand/eye co-ordination.

A bargain at £2.49 as well!

Book Review: Looking for Learning – Provocations

There are a large number of books for Early Years Practitioners out on the market, there’s only a handful that are “MUST HAVE” books and this is one of them!


This delightful book by Laura England (AKA Little Miss Early Years) is just perfect in walking you through the whole process of setting and using Provocations in the children’s learning, you could call it a step by step guide.

It starts by looking at the theories behind Provocations and some of the well know theorists, such as Bruner, Vygotsky and Piaget, whose work has been influential in the use of provocations. The whole book is so easy to digest and can be picked up and read in little pieces or read on a car journey from York to Newcastle (that’s what I did – I wasn’t driving by the way!)

The books takes you through a journey into all aspects of our daily working routine from the 7 areas of learning to the Characteristics of Effective Learning alongside Continuous Provision. There are clear explanations and beautiful photos to really inspire your practice without filling you with a fear you will need to rush off to IKEA and spend a fortune on a heap of new resources.

Provocations are a part of our every day routine and this book really helps to bring it to life – I’m so glad I have my copy, have you got yours?

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