I have a guest blog post

I was honoured recently when the awesome Siân from Story Props asked me to write a blog post for her website. You can check it out, along with her amazing story telling items by clicking her logo below:


This week on Early Years TV . . .

. . .  it’s ME!


If you remember a short while ago I had the pleasure of talking to the legend that is Kathy Brodie about my specialist subject – storytelling. Well, you can watch it too by clicking the link below:


Storytelling Den

Out for a walk in York today and went into the Museum gardens (due to go to the York Proms there next month) and whilst walking about saw this beautiful use of nature to create such a gorgeous and inviting storytelling den.

A little provocation while out shopping!

Just ask anyone who knows me, while out shopping I’m prone to viewing items in the store from a practitioner point of view. I often see things with a purpose not normally intended by the manufacturer. For instance, just a short while ago I was in TK Maxx and saw these two items on the shelves:

The map covered chest just had me agog. What a great idea for a provocation of the world or travel or holidays – so many possibilities!

The other box just looked so exciting and colourful, just perfect for creating that exciting anticipation that ignites curiosity from children by the bucket load!

I think shopping is a wonderful thing when you go out with an open mind and wide open eyes.

The Art of Story Telling

I’m honoured to have been asked by the lovely Early Years Consultant and Trainer (and friend!) Kimberly Smith to write a guest post over on her blog. I chose the topic “Is story telling a dying art?”

Head over for a read: